Who are we?

Out of necessity, Impakt Tools was born in 2016. After working for one of the leaders in the woodworking industry, Scott Clark decided it was time to leave a company that he had a large part in developing into what it is today and start his own business.

Scott is an entrepreneur and inventor with a long history of exceptionally innovative products for the woodworking industry. Scott has 18 patents to his credit and several more pending and has now branched out into other industries. Impakt Tools is a Boone, Iowa-based company that designs, develops and manufacturer’s products for the firearms and recreational markets.  Problem solving is in our blood and our products focus primarily on the problems that are encountered in everyday life. We manufacture products that are of the highest possible quality with the best prices.

Our Promise to you!

Our commitment is to give you the best possible product at the best possible price. Our products will do exactly what we say they will do.

Giving you the best value is what keeps us motivated.